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Exclusive Tours in Tenerife . Let´s travel together on this charming island. Come with us and listen to stories you have never heard, places you have never visited and food you have never tasted.
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Come with us and enjoy a unique experience
Listen to stories you have never heard of, places you have never visited or food you have never tasted.
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Living Tenerife Tours

Tenerife island atracts more than six million visitors every year

Let´s travel together on this charming island. Come with us and listen to stories you have never heard, places you have never visited and food you have never tasted. Take advantage of your own time.

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Personal Attention

Our City Tours are tailored to British taste combining genuine service, a sense of occasion and attention to details, ensuring clients have the tour of a lifetime.

British Links

Our clients will discover the unknown stories of the good and long relationship between Tenerife and Britain through history.

Local Experience

Walk with us just like locals do, meanwhile you travel the most famous landmarks of the cities of Tenerife


From the very first moment, our clients are insured with a Travel Assistant Policy issued by a well recognized international Insurance Company with worldwide protection, all included in the tour's price.

Exclusive Service

Our professional guides will let you know the secrets of this island that are waiting to be unveiled for you only

Professional Guides

Well educated and professionals private guides with long experience will assist you in all your requests along the Tours.

A truly fascinating

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz, capital of Tenerife is located in the northern area of the island.

The seaside city of Santa Cruz offers a great varieties of places to visit that you cannot miss. It is a charming and fascinating city where locals have always welcomed everyone from abroad with open arms. Just, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Santa Cruz it is a well known city by its lovely weather, beautiful gardens full of exotic trees and flowers and a lot of attractions to be visited.

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La Laguna

La Laguna, a World Heritage Site, mainly because of its public and private colonial style buildings, was the capital of the Canary Islands until 1833.

Walking around La Laguna you may feel the fabulous combination of both old and new city which offers a buoyant trade full of activity, promoting its culture and origins as a lifestyle. La Laguna enjoys the privilege of being listed as the best city for living in the Canary Islands.

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Puerto de La Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is a charm, small and cosy city.

A seaside North city on the island, Puerto de la Cruz has been looked as a traditional holiday destination for European citizens, fascinated by its magnificent weather, beautiful landscapes and local familiar attention.

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La Orotava

Situated in the North of the island and surrounded by banana plantations, La Orotava is a living example of colonial architecture style where mansions and old houses are owned by noblemen.

Big banana plantations and vineyards were the main reason of a thriving economy for the city. A profitable fruit business controlled by land-owners and merchants, who were long involved in trading with Europe.

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Tenerife Tours
Enjoy our culture, history and local cuisine

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