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Exclusive Tours in Tenerife . Let´s travel together on this charming island. Come with us and listen to stories you have never heard, places you have never visited and food you have never tasted.
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La Orotava & Puerto de la Cruz

¡Puerto de la Cruz, formerly known as Port of La Orotova, has the honour of being the first destination on the island for European visitors lured by its wonderful weather and services in the sixties. Your private guide will unveil details of famous people visiting the city and explain the story of an Irish clan who for controlled the wine and fruit trade business with Europe for many years.

In the middle of a Valley full of banana plantations and lush green landscape is La Orotava. A colonial city with big houses owned by rich mercants and noble men where a short scroll over cobbelstone and narrow streets are waiting for you. In the meantime, your private guide explains beautiful stories.


Tours are offered from 4 to 6 hours to small groups attended by qualified private
guides in English or Spanish.


Customers may choose from a tea/coffee/drink break, a picnic box, a Canary brunch or a Canary lunch.
Contact us to help design the tour of your preferences. The appropriate person will respond you shortly.

Booking, Prices & Payment.

Bookings.- Use the attached form for bookings in advance.
Prices.- Tours range between € 60 and € 90 per person according to addional
services booked.
Private tours prices are individually dealt with customers.

Payment.– Credit & Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal).


Living Tenerife Tours does not provide landscape, beach, mountain or sport activity tours.

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