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Exclusive Tours in Tenerife . Let´s travel together on this charming island. Come with us and listen to stories you have never heard, places you have never visited and food you have never tasted.
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  • Tenerife Tours - Golf El Peñón

Golf Lovers Tours

Play golf at the most beautiful courses on the island with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean or Tenerife´s Mountains. We take care of you on luxury transportation. You may also enjoy a unique culinary experience at the Clubhouses. Get in contact to choose the course of your preference.


You decide your time.


Golf Tours in Tenerife include first class transfers and a Green Fee Voucher issued by us for two up to six players. For bigger groups get in contact for arrangements. Please, ask for the list of available hotels which provide our services.

Booking, Prices & Payment.

Bookings.- You may use our website contact form or asked at your hotel reception.

Prices.- Prices depend on the services provided. Ask the hotel reception or our contact website form.

Payment.– Credit & Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal).

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